Hi, I'm 14(15 in 2 weeks) and I'm 5'10 and 10 stone(149 pounds), and 2 weeks ago I weighed myself and I was 11 stone(163 pounds), and I have lost my appetite?, I just stopped eating, I loved food and gained weight so fast but all of a sudden I just lost my appetite, I lost 14 pounds (1 stone) in 2 weeks from not eating at all some days,if I did eat it was a max of 200 calories a day, I don't feel hungry at all anymore even if I ate nothing all day, I'm now worried that I'll keep on loosing weight? And I know that's not healthy not eating, I'm not an active person either ( I have started running which I love), is it because of stress or puberty?, I've always felt like I'm fat and that I need to loose weight but not to the point that I lost my appetite, I now also get full over after eating small things which is even weirder to me, any tips?