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I'm 15 I weigh 9 stone and 2 pounds I'm just over 5 foot I weighed 7 stone less than a year ago I just can't seem to keep the weight of anymore I need help, need to lose at least a stone and a half in 11 weeks as it is my 16th birthday and I want to feel comfortable going out as I feel I'm huge, most of my weight is belly fat that's want I want to reduce most


my dear ,first of all we have to believe that our body is a given from god we have to respect , so we have to ask god to help us to improve our body, second we must know that if you wanna to be strong so you have to be strong , the ways of getting weigt loss are many but the secret inside us , you have to have the desire to get better shap ,be a friend with your body , and love your body , deal with your body as a baby , that you can control him by convencing him one time or punish another time ,then you have to find a friend or your mam or dad to help you by telling him your status from time to time for example (i controled my self today or i can t , or help me i.m gonna to eat now fast or faty food what i can do ,,,,,etc )

 now we will start to diet by

                                               1-you are the only person who prepare his meal noooo one els!!!!! while preparing food drink  2 glasses of water.

                                              2- choose the healthy food and kow that by your hand you put the healthy or unhealthy food in your mouth no one else ceause you fat 

                                               3- don t you ever get hungry (very important) eat 4 meals a day and drink water as you can 

                                                4-eat very slowly in a small dish with a small spone in a small bites in a very long time , try to be the first person on table and the last one get out of it.

                                                  5-befor you eat think about 1 minuet that you are stronger than your self and you can control your self indeed , you love your body and you wanna to improve his shap ,befor you put the spone in your mouth pray and ask god to help you and thank him for food and for your body and for every thing

                                                   6-during your eat know that you will tell your fat friends what did you do to get wight loss

                                                    7-remember it will takes long time and you will not get boring

                                                     8-enjoy listining to music while you wake an hour every day

                                                      9-know that you will do these steps all your life , if you faild time repeat it and repeat it then you will succeed to get it all finaly   



Hello, yes i also agree with SamMas. Loosing weight can be quite a challenge. You have to tell yourself that you really want to succeed and that there is no other option. Best way to loose weight is to start some form of physical activity or even some sport. You can play basketball, volleyball, tennis anything you like. Just make sure you do it at least 3 times a week for 1 hour. You should also consider eating more fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. This way you will loose weight in no time. Also, do not step on the scale, sometimes the scale can tell you got fatter when you actually lost weight. Best way for you to know that you lost weight is by your clothes. Take some old jeans and put them on and remember how they fit on you. After a month take the same jeans and notice how much you have lost weight. Good luck and keep up the good work