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hello, i am 29, i got my tubes tied when i was 25. then 3 yrs ago i got a leap proc, done,and i havent had a period since. Now i am happily engaged and we want a baby of are own. Is there anyway that I could have another baby? what are the steps i need to take?

thank you,

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Hi guest,

See the doctor that performed your tubal ligation.  He/she would be the best resource as they would know exactly how they performed the procedure.

If that isn't possible, see a fertility specialist for your options.  Reversal is possible but may not always be effective.

The LEEP procedure by itself usually won't prevent you from getting pregnant.  It's usually used to examine abnormal cells.  But, since we don't know what exactly was done you'll need to see your ob/gyn to discuss the findings.

In-vitro may also be a possibility if the above don't work out.  Your egg and your husbands sperm would be taken, the egg fertilized, then implanted into your uterus.  The fertility specialist can discuss this with you.

Good luck.