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Ok so hears where I would love some help, Im 43 years old and not getting any younger , had two healthy children , periods as regular as clock work, and had my tubes clipped over 10years ago. At the time as with most felt like I made the right decision,  but since regreted it as am now with someone new.  My partner and I would dearly love to have another child as he hasnt had any .  I realise there are options like tubal reversals but would like to know what my chances are in having the procedure done at such a ripe age., and would a doctor be reluctant in doing such an operation., or are my chances as good as me falling with gods will without any other intervention..?


Hi metalhead,

Talk to a fertility specialist for specific answers.

In general, if you do have the tubal ligation reversed, scar tissue may obstruct the fallopian tubes and interfere with pregnancy or lead to an ectopic pregnancy.

Another option is In-Vitro.  An egg is harvested, fertilized with your partner's sperm, and implanted.  Usually fertility drugs are given so that multiple eggs are harvested.

Good luck!