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l had my tubes tied 6 years ago. Since then l am in a very happy secure relationship, and my common-law husband would like us to have a baby together. Could you please tell me if this is at all possible?


Yes, you could have another surgery and get your tubes reconnected. However, this doesn’t mean that you will get pregnant 100%.
Many factors are involved in success rates like tubal ligation procedure done, your gae, length of the Fallopian tubes left, if any damage was done during the initial ligation procedure, etc

You should certainly talk to your surgeon about your pregnancy chances after the reversal. If you are 40 or over, your chances are decreased.

Most pregnancy success have those women who removed small sections of their tuber or those whose surgeries were done by placing clips on the tubes to prevent egg release.
Talking to a surgeon about your individual situation would be best.