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I am 19 and I am going through all the exact same things now. Well I've been going through them, I just got my cast off last Friday. My story was alot more drawn out. I hurt my RIGHT foot on March 1st playing Lacrosse. Immediately couldn't walk, lots of pain/swelling. Doctors couldn't figure anything out and so I went on crutches and off the foot for like a month. Finally after painfully walking off and on for a while late in April they figure out i needed surgery for a Lisfranc sprain/tear immediately. Back at square one. I should have had that surgery in the first place. So I got one screw and one incision on the top of my foot. Lots of pain meds(good stuff). I had a post op cast for a week and then a hard one. I had that for 5 weeks. Now I'm in a boot and not supposed to walk but start working on some weight bearing. I'm still recovering from the cast but I'm happy to see things finally move along. Probably the most annoying thing now is NOT DRIVING. My doctor has me going back now in about 5 weeks to get an xray to check up on everything. Should I worried about putting weight on it with the boot until I get that xray?

I also have a question, did you have any issues around driving and how was your foot with weight bearing and having the screws in?


I had no issues with driving since I had my left foot injuried. However be very careful driving. If an emergency came up and you had to slam on the breaks you could cause more injury to the foot. This is what my doctor told me and why he did not want people to drive until they were fully weight baring.