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I had my surgery on 1/10 I'm on day 8 and the pain is still unbearable! My throat is sore I can't eat at all!! Swallowing is out the question....I had a piece of scab fall out my throat about the size of a quarter and ever since then I've been in unbearable pain....what am I to do!?!?!?!? Any suggestions for the scabs falling off?


I am so sorry you are having trouble swallowing because of your tonsillectomy.  With the scab coming off, the nerves are exposed and anything that hits them (food, the action of swallowing) will aggravate them and cause extreme pain.  Have you tried any Cepacol numbing cough drops?  If you leave one sit in your cheek and dissolve, it can help reduce some of the pain that you are having.  Maybe you can be able to drink some fluids at least.  Hopefully, another scab will cover the exposed area and allow healing to take place. I hope this helps you out!