My name is Deborah Martin, i have been living with Scoliosis for 34 years. I fell when i was 6yrs old and twisted my spine and it was not taken care of properly. In the early years the pain was not so bad but now i feel pains every day of my life. I can't stand long or sit long, i can't go to the market because i can't carry my bags. My lower and upper back hurts, sometimes all the way up to my neck, sometime the pain is so bad i can't move. My heart hurts and flatters, sometimes it's so bad that my hands and legs go numb and looks like i am having a seizer.A doctor told me it's because the scoliosis made the space small my heart doesn't have enough room to operate. Lately i can definitely feel my spine and my lungs hurt, especially if i make a sudden move or if someone bunces me. I can't breath properly, especially  when i go to bed. I live Jamaica where they look out more for the younger scoliosis patients, and because i don't have money to take care of it, i think some of these side effects will take my life one day.