I've had back problems since I can remember. I'm not sure if it was in middle school or elementary school but my friend had a masseuse come and so when it was my turn the masseuse was like um, you should go check your back out, and of course this freaked me out a bit but explained why it was hard for me to sleep all the time. She said that one side of my back was lower than the other. My parents think pain is all in my head and I should toughen up yadda yadda. I'm 22 now and still deal with the back pain. I've had an x-ray that shows curvature and on a separate occasion a doctor said I did have scoliosis but it wasn't severe enough to do anything about it... right, other than the fact that I can't get a good night's sleep for years now.

Recently, and by recently I mean the past few months my shoulder and arm start to go numb when I try and sleep, in ANY position. Occasionally when I sit too which I have bad posture because of my back.

I'm wondering if they are related and if "mild" scoliosis can get worse. I've dealt with back pain that's fine and I've ignored it but it hurts more and and my parents think I should take painkillers ... well I can't do this every night. I think it's contributing to my depression too since I can't sleep at night. Any suggestions?