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am i pregnant we used a spermicide trojan extra fight against pregnancy condom but im worried i was a virgin im 2 wks late but ive been late beofre my friends is late too but shes a virgin is it at all possible it didnt break or anything and was put on properly ???? could i be and howold do u have to be to take a test at the hospital do u need a parent /.


Hiya, the best advice i could give you hunny would be not to worry too much wait about another week, see if u come on the more you worry the more you delay it, also with it being the 1st time i remember when i was younger and mine was delayed for about a month! you have all mad things running through ur mind. there are lots of places (clinics) for young girls, its confidential too, you wouldnt have to be with a parent, they will do a test for you, hopefully your not pregnant but they are there to help you and they can give you all kinds of contraception like the pill, also will give you free condoms. your parents wouldnt find out as it 100% confidential.
if you have any questions or anything hun just private message me, but try not too stress too much.