I just found out yesterday that my baby no longer had a heartbeat. I was in to see the dr about 13 days ago and baby had a hr of 160bpm. About 10 days ago one of my co-workers hit me on my butt....it was so hard it felt like I had been in a car accident. Someone had dared him to do it for $20 and now I am wondering if that is what caused the miscarriage. I have 3 other kids with no prior miscarriages. I am scheduled for a D&C tomorrow, but I do not know how I am going to face him when I return to work on monday. I am sooo mad and upset....I will never no for sure if I would still have a healthy baby if he hadn't taken that from me. What do I do now? By LMP i should be 11wks 2 days , by ultrasound 9wks 5days