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I am 41 years of age, my youngest child is now 10. About a month after her birth I had a tubal ligation. When I went in for my normal 6 week checkup up, the NP came in to the room asked how I was feeling, I said fine and she said okay, and then that was it. No checking me or nothing! I had not had a menstration since the birth of my daughter. A few years later, my doctor sent me to a specialist and came to the conclussion after test after test that I was in early menopause.
For the past few days I have been feeling nauseated, my husband who has had a vasectomy years ago as well jokes around that I am pregnant!
I dont find it a laughing matter at all and I am just as scared now as I was then! I just dont want to believe it! Is pregnancy after tubal ligation and menopause possible?


I had my tubuligation at about age 44 and ended periods at 47 - so yea early menopause and bad sides like night sweats, day sweats, lack of sex drive (lost my partner over that) and now at 55 still experiencing night sweats, balh , sucks - tried hormone therapy once and it was wonderful (but had problems, bleeding) - but now they have anew non hormone therapy def check that out - it will get better