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I had a fall from a full flight of stairs and tumbled head first landing heavily onto my lower back. I was taken to Accident and Emergency on a spinal board and checked over and sent for x-ray. The A & E doctor read the x-ray and informed me there was no fracture and advised me to take it easy for 10 days and then do gentle exercise and return to work. My job entails sitting at a computer for at least 10 hours a day. The hospital contacted me 16 days later to let me know that the radiographer had looked at my x ray and it looked as though I did have a fracture. It was arranged that I should attend the department for another x-ray the next day. I had another x-ray taken which clearly showed a fracture of thoracic spine T12. I am due to see a spinal surgeon in 5 days time.

My concern is that between being told I had no fracture and being told I did have fracture I have assumed I had a musculoskeletal injury and tried to keep active as best I could. I am now worried that by doing this I may have caused more injury to my spine.


As far as your main worry is concerned, the most important thing is do you feel any odd symptoms, except pain? T12 spinal nerve which is at risk here, with the fracture of the spine that should protect it, controls, among other things, muscles and sensations in the head, neck and abdomen. So, any damage that you are worried about would manifest itself as a change in muscle control, abnormal sensations and strange changes in reflexes.