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What's the specific medical & scientific name of the throat condition in which it feels like as if their was/is a bump, & or lump stuck inside your throat? You feel it whenever you cough, sneeze, talk/try to speak, & or yawn & sometimes you can just feel the spot where the "bump or lump" would be located at inside your throat on the outside part of your throat right below your chin & it hurts when it is being touched on & from the same outside part/area itself & it also is SEVERELY ITCHY at the exact same time as the feeling of there being a bump or lump inside your throat as well.



Hello Michellellbs.

There are a couple of causes for this.

If you can't get rid of this feeling, go to your doctor. 

It could be anything, it can be that you are dealing with tonsil stones and it is known that they usually appear like white specks on the tonsils. Felling bump in throat can be a reason for so many different conditions. I know all about tonsil stones and that is why I am mentioning them. they can cause problems in swallowing food and it is accompanied by a painful feeling in the throat. Also, you can deal with bad breath and constant feeling of metallic taste.