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I have been having this UTI since I was in high school and there seem to be no doctor who can crack it. When I squeeze open my penice to look inside the track, I can clearly Identify a crack that extends down to, to where, only God knows.

I have seen several GPs including a Urologist who perfomed some surgican procedure, unfortunatly I can't remember. But it invoved inserting some sort of laser inside my penise to "burn" the infection as he refered to it.

Is there anybody out there who can help, Im now 34 and still have the same problem, which makes about 16 years now.

Please help


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Im not sure what your saying.
Urine infection is usually when you give a water sample to your doctor an it grows a bacteria.
Or are you saying your penis has something wrong with it.

What syptoms do you have?

I have a lot of interest in UTIs