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I have been seeing this one guy on and off for the past four years. We are both 19 now, but there still seems to be one problem that we face. Almost every time we sleep together, I get a yeast infection. One year, i had eight yeast infections. I dont understand why this happens. We are careful too, we wash before and after sex, generally. These yeast infections are extremely painful, to the point where i cannot leave the house.

Please help me understand why this keeps happening.

Thank you


you may want to check that you are not suffering with an sti. I had this problem with my fiance and it turns out we had contracted clamydia not sure who had it first. That doesnt matter tho. Its easily treated. One pill thats it. as long as your both treated and stick to the no sex rule till the treatment has had time to work u should be alot better. Also you should check that u are not allergic to condoms and try using a water based lubrication as you can get the same symptoms from friction burn if u are not lubricated enough. Dont be embarrassed bout this. Its completly easy to sort out. And you might want to know that it is not that uncommon.. Because of ur age you will probably think it embarrassing to get checked for sti's but all u need to do is provide a urine sample. You dont even have to give them your real name. X get checked everytime u have a new sexual partner to prevent it happening again. If left up treated it can lead to more serious problems and sometimes infertility. Catch anythin sooner than later. X good luck!