Good morning everyone, my name is Carolina Jimenez and I’m from Colombia, I’m 20 years old and I’ve been living with this disease since 2007.

At the beginning, the doctors thought I was lying and clamming attention from my family. So here is my story.

-CIDP PROCESS: I had a really bad punch in my ear, I couldn’t hear anything so I went to the specialist and he told me that I have to take some medicines for my ear and those things… He gave to me prednisone, but the biggest quantity of it, I was only 11 and I was taking 30 mg every 12 hours and some painkillers. Anyway, that was for 7 days and I took them rigorously. So, I ended my treatment and suddenly I catch flu, but a really hard flu, so I tried to stay at home and take care by my self.

I started to feel a lot of pain in my armpit, like if I was on fire or something like that. I went to the nearest hospital and… well, I spend 7 months in ICU with morphine, fentanyl, hydro morphine and lots of painkillers, including an epidural catheter.

I’ve been taking so many meds, and actually I’m on a Immunoglobuline treatment here in Colombia, with sandoblobuline. I’d have 7 episodes of CIDP AND CHARCORT MARIE TOOTH, I’m walking, I’m going to my Uni… I have a “normal” life.

-CHARCORT-MARIE-TOOTH PROCESS: This one is easier to explain, my neurologist did an electromyography to my mother and it was the same pattern as me!


The doctors came with the final decision, the told us (my family and me) that I have two kinds of polyneuropathy, they are studying some DNA results  and that’s my story.