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I have a wisdom tooth in my upper right. It grew in place of a regular tooth that had to be surgically removed 8 years ago as a result of decay. it hasn't bothered me at all until last year. The pain just comes and if I don't treat it with painkillers and salt water it will persist. I went to an oral surgeon the day I had to have my bottom left wisdom tooth pulled and mentioned the top right to her but she didn't see anything wrong with it on the pararamic X-ray but she told me that if it continued to hurt that I should see a dentist. The pain went away for a while but it came back. I went to my dentist who did an X-ray on it and he said there was nothing wrong with it and suggested that I rinse with salt water and take advil. The pain went away and I didn't think about it again until the following year shortly after I had my top left wisdom pulled. Again pararanmic X-rays were taken and there seemed to be nothing wrong with the tooth. This time I went to another dentist who took an X-ray and say that he didn't anything really wrong with it except he mentioned that this tooth is a wisdom tooth and it is twisted. But he said that it was perfectly good tooth though but if the pain continues that I should get it out. Eventually the pain went away but it is back and I have been using salt water and pain killers again. But honestly I don't really know what is causing the pain. Maybe it is the position or maybe it is because the tooth is not a functional tooth and it is twisted that if I even touch it, it will hurt. Before I go to an oral surgeon to get tooth out maybe some of you have experienced my situation and maybe you could give me some advice as to how to deal with this because I don't want to waste time doing something only to be told there is nothing wrong with the wisdom tooth.



I want to know what has happened to that tooth? If you ask me, wisdom tooth pain is the worst experience of my life - ever. But. look, people who do have wisdom teeth removed is one of the most common oral surgery procedures performed in the whole world. When it comes to your wisdom teeth, well, they are the last teeth to a erupt and are situated at the back of your mouth as tooth number 8 on each side. Removing is something that is common almost for everyone. But sure that this procedure is recommended.