I have had 3 wisdom teeth removed and I am on day 8 after my surgery, my incisions have healed pretty normal except my top right. I was told my top tooth was close to my sinus cavity AFTER my surgery. About three days after my surgery I started to taste a foul bitter and horrible taste in my mouth, that even smells DISGUSTING!! if I put my tounge to my incision it kind of oozes out randomly. So obviously did what we all should do contact my surgeon he got me in right away and looked at it for about 10 seconds and said it was healing fine no dry sockets no infection and to keep rinsing. but I can’t keep living with this nasty taste it is killing me slowly, it’s embarrassing it’s smelly! I was on antibiotics and pain meds but as of day 8 I am not on anything anymore. I have no pain and or swelling! I’m telling you it’s the nastiest thing I’ve ever had in my life it’s the same sent that is in my nose and the same color that oozes out of my incision is the same greenish yellow color from my sinus’s. I just need help! I’ve even contacted my primary doctor and she said it just keep up with what my surgeon said. I CANNOT STAND THIS ANYMORE. Someone help me! I’m being brushed off I have even called my regular dentist and he said the dr had to be the one to give me instructions and he hasn’t helped me at all!!!