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I have a quite agonizing pain (which I reduced with some painkillers) in my right part of lower jaw where it touches the skull (right bellow the ear). I feel slight pain when I swallow; however, I experience great pain when I try to put together my upper and lower back teeth, not to mention chewing. Without the painkillers the pain is distributed over my whole right part of the head and I'm especially worried about the pain (or better said - pressure) this gives me in/to my right ear.

I'm 17 years old, so I guess this could be wisdom tooth emerging?

PS. Something I forgot to mention. My other fear is that there is something wrong with the jaw itself (bone). When I woke up with this pain I tried exerecising the jaw, and something "cracked" (I felt sudden pain) but then it was gone for about 2 hours I guess. Then it was the same as before.

Thanks for you help :-)



That could be your wisdom teeth! I'd go to the dentist if I were you, since the pain just continues! I had to wait a MONTH until I could get in to get mine taken out and it was horrible. Apparently its better to go under a local anathestic like I did rather than a general, and I was fine in 3 days- though I did still have swollen cheeks.

Anyway... about the jaw cracking- my jaw cracks all the time since I stated taking singing lessons when I was 16, as it forced me to open my mouth wider or something and it does hurt sometimes. But yeah, if you don't want to go to a dentist first then certainly go to a doctor, its way much better than being in pain and popping heaps of painkillers!