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I've bben having pains in my left rib cage nd in my chest. I also have minor coughs, I went to the doctor nd she sent me to an x ray. The results came back saying I have fluid in my lungs so what could be the course? Nd


"Fluid" in your lungs could be a lot of things, but I am presuming since you are able to post about it, it probably is not pulmonary edema or congestive heart failure.  You may have bronchitis, pneumonia, or pleural effusion.  Did they say what it was specifically?  For bronchitis and pneumonia, you will be on steroids of some sort for the inflammation in your lungs and antibiotics for the infection.  If it is pleural effusion, the fluid will need to be extracted from the pleural space where the fluid is infiltrating.  I hope your condition is easily treatable and you get well soon.