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I am a 17 year old male, and I have suffered from pretty severe acne for 6 years now. I'm finally winning the battle by watching my diet and taking natural remedies. But I am left with a lot of scarring on my cheeks, and stretch marks on the tops of my biceps, my triceps, around my hips, and the inner parts of my thighs. I am using a good scar gel which is starting to help everything.

I'm just wondering why I got these stretch marks? The fact they started appearing during the worst part of my acne leads me to think that the two problems are related... yet I didn't have any pimples around my thighs.

I'd be thankful for any explanation of these stretchmarks.


Totally unrelated. Stretch marks are caused by the stretching of skin, mostly during pregnancy or weight gain. While sometimes acne will leave scars, they are not stretch marks. Since it sounds like you changed your diet, have you gained weight? Are you working out more and building muscle? Both could lead to stretch marks. To help get rid of them, keep using your scar gel. Does it have any cocoa butter in it? If not, go buy some at your local store (I think they sell it most places) It's just a lotion that you can rub on and it will help the stretch marks if you use it continually over time. Hope your acne gets better!