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3 years ago, i got stretch marks, i never really thought they would affect me, but now i hate wearing short shorts or clothes that will show my stretch marks as they are very noticable as they are white/silver in colour. Lately i got new stretch marks on my hips and i refuse to wear a bikini or even let people go near my hips incase they see them. I have stretch marks all over my thighs, bum and hips, its soo upsetting and makes me feel soo insecure about my body.

Ive tried bio-oil, cocoa butter and emu cream because ive heard they work but they didnt do anything :-( is there anything else that can help my stretch marks that will actually make them less visible that wont cost too much??


Hey girl stretch marks are very stupid reason to be insecure about your body! You think that anyone is looking there and counting how many there are and how visible they are. The answer is a big no. No man is gonna look at your stretch marks if he really like you and if he is only interested in your body than you don't need him in your life.

But if you think that that must be handled than there are few ways other than the tummy tuck surgery which is expensive but efficient. My mother who is 45 years old suddenly had decided to start to fight against stretch marks and she bought a few cosmetic creams and she is really applying them twice a day every day. And this worked on a new stretch marks which are red but it didn't help with the old ones. So she has given up and she is fine with that.

So stop being insecure and ignore something so little because life is wonderful and there are far more important things than few stretch marks.