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Hey, um we have our own menestrual cycles right? I'm 13 yr old & My menestrual cycle's every 3 months. Could this be how my menestrual cycle's supposed to be, or is a sign of something bad? I read that it could be caused by weight, drugs & stress. I have a normal weight, don't do drugs, and I never get stressed either. Do you think this is normal for a teen like me? I'm really worried. Please help! :'( :'( :'(


No, that's not normal. You ought to have a period every month.

However, you're 13 years old. How long have you had your period? Sometimes it takes the body a little bit to get used to having a period and to have a normal one. Perhaps give your body some time before you see a doctor. You can also see one now if you would like and get checked up.