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My period is five days late, i had a brief encounter with my bf on 28th october 2012, we didnt have sex, but he placed his penis between my vagina for about a minute. Am i pregnant? he didnt ejaculate. I am super scared. I have never been late before. someone please help me. 


Dear Worried girl

If you are 5 days late, then your period was due 12 Nov, so ovulation would have been estimated to be on 29th, so 28th could have been your maximum fertility day.

I am not sure what you mean about placing "his penis between my vagina". Your vagina is the 'birth canal'. Did you mean between your vaginal lips?

Sperm can easily find its way into the vagina from a wet vulva. Pre-cum can sometimes contain sperm. So yes you could be pregnant. But conversely, stress can cause a period to be late, so you might not be pregnant.

I suggest a DIY pregnancy test.

Hope this helps