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I am a 19-year-old woman and I recently watched the film Girl: Interrupted, in which Angelina Jolie plays a sociopath. Not knowing what a sociopath was, I looked it up on the internet, and was intrigued to find that a lot of the traits of a sociopath I seem to display myself.

For instance, I cannot recall feeling any shame or remorse for anything untoward I have done in the last few years. I have many friends, and yet I am only interested in them when I need them for money or simply to alleviate my boredom ( and I am almost always bored, I cannot stand having nothing to expend my energy on ). However, I don't feel any sort of guilt that I am only using my friends. If they need advice or a shoulder to cry on, I give it, simply because I know that if I show on the outside how little I actually care, I will lose them as 'friends'. And if I lose my friends, who's going to keep me amused?
As for relationships, they are always short, and I am yet to actually be bothered by a break-up. I am prone to one night stands as I cannot get by without sex, I think I may be addicted. To me, relationships are only good for a few things, sex, getting money, being spoilt and blending in with my social group, who are all coupled up. I alos have not held down a job for longer than a year, and only one job longer than six months, which was a job as a singer, and I got to move around a lot doing it, and I am planning to return to it this year. I just cannot agree with authority, and I often lie to my bosses to get days off work, or shirk my duties.

I feel different to my friends, they speak to me about things they have felt bad about and I find myself feeling like I am better than them in some way, because I have no conscience, thus nothing to hold me back.

I had a wonderful childhood, and a brilliant upbringing by my mother, my step-father, and my father has always been an important figure in my life. All descriptions of sociopathy make it sound as though it's a bad thing, and that people get terribly hurt by being in contact with a sociopath, but what can be so wrong about not letting pointless morals hold you back from what you want in life?

Could someone please answer two important questions for me:

1) Might I be a Sociopath?

and 2) Why is it considered to be so bad?


You've certainly brought up a lot of their traits.

1) The term they use these days is Antisocial Personality Disorder, whereas sociopath and psychopath are somewhat for the media. Of course, the idea is basically the same. You may very well have ASPD, but to be diagnosed so, most doctors will tell you that you need to have had certain traits since you were a child. Also, whether you care or not about being a sociopath is a big indicator. Do you lie a lot? Yet another indicator.
But you basically nailed it right on the head; the lack of conscience is basically what makes a sociopath, but there are a few more things to consider.

2) It's mainly a history based thing. A lot (not sure how accurate I am with that) of people who have ASPD commit crimes, mainly because of the lack of conscience. This is the extreme end of the scale. People with ASPD can unknowingly make other people miserable, too. Also, far too many people associate sociopath with murderer. Overall, there is the fear of the unknown that is quite common in a lot of people.

I may be missing some points here, so don't assume these are the only factors.