I don't know how i'm suppose to feel so I guess I'll start with how it all begins. Hi, i'm Caroline i'm 15 years old and my dad is an alcoholic. Back in 2012, my dad started to drink as a usual get together with friends, he had just lost his job recently and he was constantly worrying about money. Furthermore that summer he got a new job that he was recently working at until October/Novemberish. He was still drinking at the time only during 4 to 5  p.m. but, not as much as he does now that he is unemployed... again. (i'll explain later) My dad lose that job because he wasn't showing up and the school was a delinquent school for really, really, really, bad people and forced to resign.   Also, his medication was to high so it made him sound drunk during school hours. Now, he has no job so that gives him time to think during the day and it makes everything 10 times worse so now he self medicates 10000000000 times worse. Basically we really have one paying income and he uses my moms money to buy his alcohol. Hes not abusive hes just emotional and its very stressful on my family but mostly me. I carry a lot of the strength in the house considering I've always had that type of motherly instinct and I really am stressed out and tired of feeling like I cannot help anyone including myself. My dad not only is my dad but my best friend and seeing him like this well you get what i'm saying.