Hello everybody, I just recently had unprotected sex on Monday and the following day on Tuesday, I showed signs of a fever, fatigue, and a sore throat with a slight tingling inside my urethra but no visible sore or blisters and this was within 24 hours. I know how anxiety can take its toll on the body but I wasn't worried as much as I am now until I showed signs of a possible STI exposure. She gave me oral sex for about 5 - 10 mins with no ejaculation inside or near mouth. After doing a little research, my anxiety kicked in after I came across the herpes virus. So I decided to do a self examination inside my urethra and noticed moderate redness inside. No pain or discomfort or burning when urinating just tingling on and off throughout the day. It is now Thursday and my fever has gone down and my sore throat has improved. I know I have to consult a doctor in which I am going to do so, but is there anybody out that can share thought on this?