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Hi everybody, I was wondering how little insulin is too little? It seems like I don't take enough insulin because my blood sugar levels are high after I eat. I guess I'm not managing it properly. Do I need to increase my insulin or am I taking in too much food for my insulin dose. This is all too confusing to me. I know I eat more than I should. I suppose I need to talk with my doctor again to find out what to do. But, is there anyone else out there that has a similar problem. If so, what did you do. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


If you have low concentrations of insulin in your blood, you'll end up with hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels). You'll know when this happens because you will be thirsty all the time as well as hungry, tired and have some weight loss. If it gets too bad you could loose consciousness. You'll be irritable and possibly moody. How much insulin you need depends on what you're eating and how much. So in reality there's no real amount of insulin that is too much or not enough. It depends on your diet. If you're worried about not having enough insulin, then you need to talk with your doctor and he/she can tell you whether you dose is reasonable or not. The doctor can change your dose at that time is need be.


I don't recall that I had problems with no enough insulin because I very quickly cut down the amount of food I ate and began exercising right away. So I don't really have experience with that. If my blood sugar levels became somewhat high, I simply cut back on the food I was taking in and I made sure I mixed my food with plenty of protein and fats (not too much). Just enough such that the sugar was absorbed at a slower rate so there was a steady flow of energy.