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I recently had unprotected intercourse it was about 4/5 days ago since then i noticed 2 small lumps just on the outer part of my vagina they do not hurt but they are parralell i am worried it might be genital warts i have never had an STI or an STD and i have been sexually active for 6 years please could someone help me with this problem as it is worrying me slightly thanks anon XxX


I cant stress enough to go get check once to twice a year at LEAST. It does help.

ok when you see the bumps you are not in a regular position. When you are in a relaxed standing position are the bumps touching eachother? If they are you should really go get checked, that means that one started and because of skin contact it got transfered to the other side. Genital warts usually have a hard top as well. There are many sites out there that can help with pictures and discriptions, but nothing beats a doc, as long as they can give you answers. Sorri all i can say is go get checked. Ya it is unconfertable but in the long run it can save your sex life, and think about the best sex of your life, its so worth it to go.