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Hello all. I had sex last Friday. We used a condom but 2 broke. He didn't cum when they broke and only played with the outside without a condom on. Still I heard that pre cum can get you pregnant. Anyway, he did cum with a condom ON and then pulled it out and took it off. Is there any way some could have gotten into my vagina? It is now Wednesday and I'm having severe cramping and the bottom of my stomach is hard. However, I do have strep and that can cause stomach aches. But this is cramping and my period is not due for another 2 weeks. I cannot be pregnant and having sex was the worst mistake of my life. Any answers would be so much help. God bless and thank you in advance.

Loading... old are you?pre cum CAN get you pregnant ONLY if it contain some sperm in it...did he ejaculate before having sex?

if not, there's no real worry

when he took off the condom, did you feel anything down there that could've been from him? as in, besides your..yeah..did you feel ANYTHING down there?

the only way to get pregnant is if "he gave milk to your kitty"

._. as in, his sperm got on you.



No he didn't before sex at least I don't think he did. Now I'm feeling nauseous


well here's thing,
it could be possible that he did & didn't tell you?
or he did a little in you..
OR maybe, you're letting it get to you & that's why you're starting to feel like that.
I have a friend that had about he same problem & she was just letting it get to her & she started feelings symptoms however it was all just her.

I would really suggest for you to take a test