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hi there ,

I have injured my rotator cuff and still waiting on my MRI results could you please tell me if the tingling and the numbness in my fingers are a sign of a tear, the tingling goes down my arm from the shoulder.. also if you have surgery how long is the recovery?


Hello there Lori,

Well there is no use to panic. First of all you need to wait what your doctor is going to say about your condition. It is quite possible that the tingling you are experiencing in the same hand is the consequence of the injury of your rotor cuff.

Treatment for rotator cuff injuries is exercise therapy in most of the cases. You will be shown special type of exercises to improve flexibility of your rotator cuff and shoulder muscles. Of course the time you will have to spend on the physical therapy depends on the severity of your injury.

And when it comes to the surgery recovery depends on you as well. I hope that you will recover soon.