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hi i just found out i have a std im taking treatment for it but after its all clear me and my partner wanna try for a baby its probably been bout a year or less that i have had it but didnt know i just found out me and my partner are taking treatment but i just wanna know if its a chance i can get pregnant afterwards


Don't worry about it too much. It would not lead to infertility if you caught stds of some sort and it just stayed in your vagina but not moved from your vagina. You could only get infertility when std infect the cervix and cause pelvic inflammatory disease(PID) which can lead to the tubal blockage. The scarring can make it harder for sperm to travel up the fallopian tubes to the ovary, and it can make it harder for the fertilized egg to travel back down the fallopian tube to implant in the uterus. If it gets stuck in the fallopian tube, then ectopic pregnancy happens.  Maybe you could go to doctors and get it checked out if you've got any damages caused by your stds. I know "99eyao"provides online service for free, maybe you could check out it and consult the online doctors for more profesional suggestions. I think they may help you.