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Hi I am 20 years old just recently found out that I am pregnant! I have had only ONE sexual partner. EVER who Is indeed my fiance! I found out I was pregnant but a week later I started getting super itchy behind my Knees under my armpit on my hips! Then out of nowhere I got a couple of blisters on my vagina area the lips! Could this be herpes I'm super worried and scared


Do the blisters look like the kind of blisters you can get elsewhere, like your hands? There are MANY women who get blisters in the area of their genitals. Many times it can just be from friction, ingrown hairs, clogged sweat glands, etc. Blisters can also form due to a lack of prenatal vitamins. These blisters can be clear-colored or dark and blood-filled. If the blisters itch or have a smell, then it could definitely be STD related. Herpes normally presents in clusters. If it is a regular old vaginal blister, try sitting in a nice hot bath. The soaking will help to heal it. Also, if the blisters have been around for a few months, then you should definitely consult your doctor. Generally, vaginal blisters that are non-STD related tend to heal in a week or so but your body may take longer to heal. Everyone's body is different. DO NOT OPEN THEM. It will make you more suseptible to infections!!! If you are very concerned that it could be STD related, you should see your gynecologist ASAP, as they can be harder to test as time goes on.