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Hey, im 19 and last night well 2am this morning I lost my virginity...My boyfriend and I used a condom, the thing is he didnt finish because I told him it would be best if we did not, the condom kept slipping and then it started to cut off his circulation. What I am getting at is that i cannot recall as to whether his penis entered me without the condom on it but none the less I am worried. Im going to go to the doctors tomorrow to ask for the morning after pill and to be put on the progesterone only pill and to get tested for S.T.I's does that all seem rather melodramatic? I did ask him (my boyfriend) to get tested and he politely agreed as it was not his first time and he has had unprotected sex a couple of times. That way if he comes back clear and i am on the pill we can have condom free sex which does seem rather appealing. anyway any replies welcome just really need some advice and am panicking becasue i dont want to get pregnant or infected with anything...thankyou xxx


Couple things...

1. I doubt that you are pregnant. But, I would get the morning after pill to make sure that you can calm that worry. Remember though that if you take the plan B pill you will probably have break though bleeding and might have a delayed cycle.

2. If you are going on birth control that's great. Just remember that it doesn't protect against STD's.

3. Any STI you could have contracted won't show up on any blood tests tomorrow. So you need to wait at least 6 weeks. If you have ANY symptoms such as strange or abnormal discharge or itching etc, you need to go see your doctor.

The Break down:

Herpes can be caught with or without a condom and with or without visible symptoms. (Testing for this is also not included in a standard STD panel, you will have to ask for it). Herpes if it does not produce symptoms, which often times it doesn't, will not show up on a typed blood test for at least 6 weeks. HIV will not appear for 8 to 10 weeks. Chlamydia and gonorrhea appear a little bit earlier and I would be tested for them while you are being blood typed tested for herpes.

He needs to be type tested for herpes as well, along with all the other STI's. Please remember that a condom and birth control still may not be 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. Also, if your boyfriend has cold sores (which are a form of herpes) on his mouth while giving you unprotected oral sex can give you herpes on your genitals. I would say always use a condom to be safe when performing any type of sexual activity. Use crown condoms and you won't be missing much of the bare sex experience. I promise.

Be safe. Good Luck!