I'm 14 and I keep thinking that I'm a lesbian. I hate the thought of it also and now every time I see a girl it's like my brain is telling me that I like her. Now I feel very uncomfortable when I'm with one. I don't want to be a lesbian, I hate the thoughts, and I fear that I might become one. I have always had crushes on guys and I went out with some of them. I do suffer from OCD,Anxiety,Panic attacks and some depression. Please help me I hate thinking this because I DONT WANT TO BE ONE AND I HATE FEELING LIKE THIS!! I DONT have anything against lesbians/gays cause I fully support them. I also do suffer from pure o which really sucks. I get my thoughts from pure o and then I get the thoughts that I might be a lesbian. I mean how can I be straight last year and now think that I'm lesbian?! I hate having these thoughts and it's come to the point where I have been clean for almost 6 months but I started again last week from these thoughts. I want to take therapy but we don't have money to keep paying for it. Any advice could be really helpful. Oh and this has been going on for about 3 months. And I think it could have been linked to watching porn (I'm very ashamed of saying this) but I haven't watched it for about 3-4 months now. And every time i get a thought about doing something with a girl or like a girl I get disgusted but then it's like my brain is saying I like it but I DON'T I HATE IT! Please help :(((