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i need help on how to get a job i do not want to be disabled im 28 3 kids and i want to work i need help with this i want my children to watch me fight and work for everything and not be a person to rely on the government to help please help me


That is an excellent attitude, and it probably needs someone in your own country to give specific help. You don't give much information about yourself or your circumstances so:

  1. Where do you live (country, region &c)?
  2. What qualifications?
  3. What skills & experience?
  4. Marital status?
  5. Gender?
  6. What is the 'disabled' implication?

Some of these might not be relevant for particular employment requirements, and particularly marital status, gender and disability should not have any discrimination impact, but it may help getting better, more focused advice.

Generally, though, write a CV, look at your skills (personal as well as professional/technical), and search for local adverts and online. Here are just a few basic tips to get you started.

  1. CV. Before you start looking for jobs, you need to write a CV. It should be professional and polished, because if you don't, your application probably won't get a second look! Identify the skills that you currently possess. This could include your level of education, the ability to operate machinery, areas of knowledge or unique/specialist skills. Most word processing programs offer suitable CV (resume) templates. Put together your CV using a suitable template, and include your interests and current skills.
  2. Covering Letter. Always write a customised covering letter for each job you apply for. Check the letter for style and grammar. The letter says a lot about you. First, put together a generic covering letter targeted toward the sort of jobs you will be applying for. However, every letter should be different, nevertheless having a generic letter prepared will help you prepare a well-written covering letter quickly.
  3. Email. When you start an online job search, ensure that all your emails are as professional as other business correspondence.
  4. Area of Search. Analyse your interests and skills you possess. Decide the type of jobs that would fit those characteristics. Target one or two job descriptions that you would like.
  5. Interviews. Prepare yourself for interviews! This must include wearing an interview outfit that is appropriate for the job for which you are applying. Personal presentation is important, so don't forget grooming - in advance (Don't get a haircut on the interview day, if at all possible). You must be ready at a moment's notice when the interview opportunity arises.

These are just brief pointers, which I hope will be of some help.