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I am 4 days post op . Oatmeal, lemon ginger tea and bananas for breakfast with a broth lunch and dinner provided no pain or diarrhea.
Sutures provided pain moving out and in the bed but perfectly expected and in fact its getting a lot better today.

The only epic diarrhea I've had was after a potato soup loaded with cheese. I should have known better and I have no problem accepting it was due to high fat content and ready to move on.

The only problem I am having that I can't control is extreme bloaring following all meals. I am ready to take on a real dinner tonight with veggies and brown rice to get vitamins in me and was wondering if anyone knew of something that prevents the immediate gas and bloating that occurs after a meal?

Is over the counter Gas-X ok? Any other suggestions for the post meal bloat? I've never seen my belly extend like this.



Hi there, I'm glad to hear that your'e doing well! I think that Gas X or even Beano should be just fine if you haven't taken it yet. But I would check in with your doctor to make sure that it's okay. Let me know what your doc says, okay?