Bad Digestion or Pregnancy - I went to the er to see about my well being in April , I had upper abdomen tight muscles and a little pain. So they assumed I had acid reflux. ( they prescribed me to zantac) ( I don't take often, cause I don't think I have acid reflux) Well then on I started getting pins to my right abdomen and then to my left. Then I'd have pelvic pains and then they'll go straight to anal pains, I guess rectums but then I'll fart. I'd have headaches and gas. Now Im feeling nausea, headache, and kinda loss of appetite , and I've been had bloating..for a month now, and then I've been eating little portions of my meal and get full, during I will bloat. I pee not so often, but I did have a problem with my urinary system which now I have a yeast infection. I can't Actually go to the doctor and describe all my symptoms cause it doesn't come out the correct way. And also I am now battling bad anxiety. It gets me worried when I think I am pregnant... Cause idk what to do if I am. I'm 15 years and freshman for now.