Basically. Since April I've been freakinmg out if I'm preg. I don't even want to say the whole word cuz I'm that damn scared . Basically I'm still a virgin so nothing has gone inside my vagina. And I plan it to stay that way but maybe we did some things and the first time we did was April and since then I've been freakinmgif out thinking what it. It was after a friend of mine mentioned you can get preg even if sperm just comes in touch with your clit. And she did that to scare me. Well that worked :L . This is around the time of my period. For past few months before my period my breasts ache like crazy. But this month I'm paying extra attention to it( you know when your extra scared) i havmt started my period yet. But I feel like hardness on my boobs with pain when I press down. I've been so scared that I've even gone to see a sex clinic when all my friends were making fun of me saying it's just not possible and the lady there almost laughed at me after I said I was a virgin. I'm really worried. My period should start in a few days. But I can't get his thought out of my head . Expecially with my boobs killing like this ( only when I push down on certain area but feeling around its way too rockish) and tbh all this anxiety is leading to other problems like dizziness etc. I need to stop but I don't know how. At the last time me and my bf did something was like a month ago . I've had a period in between that aswell. And he even washed his hands and I didn't touch any of his sperm. So I really don't get what's going on with my body or my brain :L please help. And I'm 17( if necessary )