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Hi Im alexis

I recently had gotten a call from my doctor telling me that i had clamydia Which came as a shock for me ... now i was wondering how do you know when its gotten worse or on the point to getting bad? Whats the longest you can wait to get your meds? ( not saying I wanna wait but just wondering). an What if you get cured and decide to save your self meaning not having sex again untill lets say about a year  and when you go to get tested gain it comes back , what happens then??


Hi Alexis,

If you have chlamydia GET IT TREATED without delay.  You don't know when it's "gotten worse."  You have it, that's enough.

YOU run the risk of affecting your fertility.  It can lead to scarring of the fallopian tubes.

If you get cured and don't have sex again then you won't have it.  It's a bacteria.  The antibiotics that you take to treat it will KILL IT.  It isn't a virus that lies dormant in your body.

See your doctor NOW.