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I'm 16 years old and i started puberty but still have no leg/arm and armpit hair that show. I have very little hair above my penis and some on my testicle. My penis is very small 4 1/2 inches erect and I was wondering if it will grow? When I was 10 I had to get surgery because the doctor messed up my circumscison as a baby. Did this affect my penis growing? I have a scare below the tip of the circle (looks like there were stitches there).I'm soon the turn 17 in a few months and I am embarassed and afraid.


Hi Wrestler,

You're not that small.  Average for an adult male is 5 - 5 1/2". 

Not all guys are hairy either.  Armpit hair often comes along later.

The point is, we ALL develop at different rates and times.  You will continue to develop for several more years.  Your penis can grow into your early 20's.

Nothing is wrong.

The surgery you had did not affect the growth of your penis.  It's all controlled by your DNA.  Some guys get big early and others later.

Don't worry about the stitches either.  Any girl that you are close enough to to have sex shouldn't say anything but instead accept you for who you are.  You'd never comment about any aspect of her body would you?  It's no different.  Only immature individuals make fun of anyone.

Hope it helps.



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Do NOT be afraid, perhaps you are what they call a late bloomer, hair comes a bit later than the average, your penis will grow a bit and the hair will also grow. Interesting looking at some of the posts here, I can't remember what hair came first on me, if it was my pubic hair or arm pit hair, to be honest I think they came about the same time, from my 13th to 14th birthday. The pubic hair grew very quickly so by the time I was 15 I had a forest of pubic hair almost as much as men 10 years older than I was. The arm pit hair got very thick and bushy as well. It does vary from man to man.