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I suffer from  fibromyalgia, vertigo, allergies for all seasons, and suffer from toxic enchephalapathy, due to toxic structural mold exposure. I am tired all of the time.

Recently I started suffering from charlie horses while I;m sleeping. They hurt so bad they wake me up?

Are these symptoms nornal considering all I suffer with?




Basic causes for charlie horses, low potasium levels, overworked or underworked muscels. Since the underlieing general fatigue is an issue, will make underworked muscles a possible culprit, getting up and increasing your activity level gradually can help both, fatigue.

Potasium levels can be increased dietarily with oranges, (not oj) and bannans.

Are you on Nerotin or similare medications, They work by destroying nerve function to control pain. The problem is they also destroy neuro muscular nerve function.... Vertigo.... Damage done is permenet.