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My boyfriend has been having real bad heart pains I started to notice when hes stressed out r hes in an argument with someone he loves. At first it would last for seconds but now it wud last for hours && it really scares me!! at that time he has a shorteness of breath anyway he moves it feels like hes getting stabbd harder. I tell him to go to the doc but he refuese cause he dosent want his mom to worry. Can some please help me out or have a clue of what is happening to him before its to late???!!


this sounds alot more like anxiety then any sort of heart problem. the fact that he describes the pain as stabbing immediatly lowered my suspicion of any heart problems. in cases were it is cardiovascular in nature people most often describe the pain as mor of a tightness or heavynees in the chest and it is very generalized meaning the pain cannot be pinpointed to any specific location, unlike a stabbing type pain. you mentioned it only happens in time of high stress. this reinforces my belief that this is more psychological in nature rather then a true cardiovascular emergency.... but that being said it NEVER HURTS to see a doctor. before i say anything else how old is he? does he have a known history of a heart defect? does he exercise?