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I have a guy friend who has had feelings for me for over a year (were 14) I recently developed feelings for another guy and that went nowhere. I went on a date with my friend and I came to the conclusion I liked the other guy. I told my friend nothing would happen and he said he still has feelings for me. We've told each other everything and had a somewhat friends with benefits relationship and I feel bad for just dropping him like that. I really like the other guy though and he's started to give me signs he likes me back. I don't know what to do because I still want the pleasure from my friend but I don't want to lead him on while I'm "pursuing" this other guy.


You should not use him, if you are using him, then you aren't a good friend. When people are selfish and use people, it usually messes up the person being used. Then, the next person that would truly love and care for you're (victim) friend will have to clean up the mess you made.. my advice? Think about someone elses feelings, put yourself in their shoes and ask if you would like to be on the recieving end of whatever it is that you're doing. Like, ask yourself, if the guy you actually liked, just used you for sex or money or to give him rides to places etc. and then you found out he was just doing that to fulfill his own needs, you would probably feel horrible. Now imagine that someone who was close to you did that. Just used you and didn't really care how it made you feel.. You aren't doing that guy any favors by playing with his emotions, unless he's just secretly using you for sex then you're the one who's actually getting played.