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So i recently lost my virginity to a guy from school and hes what you would consider "hood" and i have a feeling he wont talk to me again but hes saying he wants a relationship but im not sure if hes being honest and i dont know what do do because i dont want a boyfriend but i lost my virginity to him so i feel like its kinda an obligation. Ive also been unable to snap out of a depression, what do i do???


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First of all you shouldn't feel you have any obligation at all because you don't, what you choose to do is up to you just because you lost your virginity to him you owe him nothing.

If you don't want a boyfriend then that's your choice just don't let him make you feel guilty over it, he might just be saying he wants to go out for you because he thinks it will be an easy way to get regular sex if he does but that's just my view. If your feeling depressed don't let it cloud your judgement and make you do something you don't want to, talk to someone you trust about it as its always easier for someone close who knows you to help with depression than someone over the net who doesn't know anything about you. :)