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hi ave been married for 27 years now i have 5 chidren 4 boys 1 girl i have a happy marriege untill i started to moan an hit my husband every time i went out for drink i dont mean to hurt him i love him so much it all started when i told him i was abused when i 13 untill i got married to the partner am with now its getting that bad my husband cuts me out well blanks me when am trying to tell him the way i feel i dont mean to moan at him but thats my way of trying to get hes atenstion am trying so much to make this marrige work but hes not hes just ecnoring me an it gets me so angry some times so i just argue with him for no reason an now am thinking h dosent love me but i no deep down he dose or he wouldent be with me now an he still is i dont want to put him threw eny more pain i really need help


I think you need to find a marriage counselor who is versed in abuse issues.
You sound like you want to salvage the marriage, and that's good. from what I read of your posting, you moan and hit your husband because of past abuse issues. You also say this happens after you go out for a drink.

I think you're going to need to speak with a counselor about these issues that you've identified. Even if your husband won't go, you go.
Things can only get better, and if you show your husband that you want to change and make things better, he's likely to be impressed.

But first, find a marriage counselor or an abuse counselor so that you can start working on this now.

good luck.
Let us know what comes of this, please.