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Okay guys, so im in grade 9, my bf is in grade 11/12. He got suspended on Oct.31st, and isnt back in school until Febuary. We cant see eachother on weekends, only if he comes to visit me at school. Because of our parents. So last time he came to visit me was at the beginning of nov, so heres how it went down : He visited me for a bout an hour (he had work) so we laughed, kissed, but when he left, i started to cry so much for days. I began to miss him more than ever. I cried for a few weeks. He wanted to visit me again , every friday, then i told him how i felt. He didnt want to hurt me :) So we just talked on facebook. Now i want to see him again, but im afraid ill cry, i want to be mentally strong enough to handle it. Hes also seeing me on my bday, december 19th. BUT i want to see him TOMORROW!


visit him or ask him out asap! it's the only way to see him. good luck!