im not even 18 yet and i've been smoking weed for 4 years now. i think its the worst habit ever! it started out just with my friends 4 fun on weekends then it started every day during skool we'd go to my house 4 a session cause my parents smoked weed n i always sniffed out there stash. it was cool partyed hard for year smoking a bit of weed, then my parents decided to drive to ADELAIDE and man was i in heaven me n my cousin used to go in my uncles shed and steal hand fulls of weed out of a rubbish bin filled up to the top it was crazy. Thats wen smoking weed became a habit, we smoked our self silly while watching cheech n chong every day n wen we werent at home we were at a frineds getting stoned it was like that 4 a month n my parents had no idea i was smoking weed (clear eyes). wen it was time to leave adelaide i stole one last huge handful to take back to darwin 4 my sister n friends, smoked every second of the day that weed lasted 5 days. Then one day i was hanging out for a cone so i just came straight out n asked mum if i could have a cone, she was hell shocked cause im a good girl :-) but she gave me one. Then one became 2, after that i was sessioning up with them every night and during the day to. And thats how its been for the last 4 years. I REALLY REALLY need to quit cause i found the love of my life that treats me like a princees, he works in the mines and in jan hes taking me to meet his family. The only thing he asks of me is to quit smoking weed n put on a bit of weight so im healthy he said its him or the weed. i really need help with this ive tryed everything but its so so hard for me wen my mum my dad and my older n younger sisters smoke in my home every day. This is my home i cant go any were else. Ive asked them to help me but it dosent really help wen there stoned cause i wanna be stoned 2. I dont no wat to do any more. I NEED TO QUIT