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Im 17, i think i may have polysistic of the ovaries i have not yet started my period, i have facial hair growth, and extreme hair growth around the belly. I also have belly pains that may indicate that im meant to be having my period. I spoke to a doctor 2 fridays ago now she told me i might have it and that i need to go for a scan, ive been trying to put it off. But the thing that hurts me the most is that i might not be able to have children which ive so desperatly wanted since forever. I weigh 18 stone which makes my likely hood of having this condition worse. I just want to know are these all the symptoms of it? what will happen if i have got it? and will i be able to have kids?


Many women with PCOS do get pregnant! In fact many do not use birth control because of the false belief that they are infertile!

BIRTH CONTROL pills help shrink those cysts, so that may in fact be a good idea for you. If you went on the pill and the cysts shrank, then you theoretically could get pregnanct quite easily.

Those cysts happen when your body makes an egg in your ovaries, the pill stops this egg growth and ovulation, so the cysts can shrink on its own. Cysts can shrink on their own actually..



Hi There, i have just been diagnosed with Polycysitc Ovarie Syndrome, although i dont no if i have the syndrome or just Polycystic ovaries. I am going to see my doctor again on Friday as i just cried and cried when i found out and didnt ask any other questions apart from 'can i have babies'. Which sure enough i can :) :) :) that was the most important part for me.
My story started like this
It was fri nite, i was out with friends and i just had a sort of sick feeling, nothing major but just a lil off.
Then sat nite i went out again with friends and began to have a little bit of a stomach ache.
I woke up on sunday morning in absolute pain, i thought it was my appendixs, but it wasnt. I went to emergency at the hospital, and waited 5 hours, but by 5 hours the pain had gone and i just had a dull ache still.
I never get period pain and i was on day 14 of my cycle so i knew i couldnt be pregnant. Anyways to cut a long story short, i went to my doc on monday because the paiin was so bad and she sent me for an Ultra sound on my pelvis. I got the results and had 14 cysts and 13 on each ovary. 30 Is a severe case.
Anyway i later found out i knew twoo people with this and they have since had kids. and one of them is trying now and just had a miscarriage. so it is possible to get pregnant! as this what i was most worried about.
i am not overweight (i weight 65 and am 5 foot 12 ) i dont have acne or heaps of hair.
Anyways, will be happy to stay in contact with anyone with POCS. tHANKS :)



Hi all,
I commend all of you who have the courage to want to find answers. I too went to the obgyn and I asked him about a lump between my legs and after he ruled out a sexually transmitted disease he told me he wanted to run some tests. :-( So the results came back that my estrogen was low and some of the others were higher than normal. Great I thought. Anyway I believe that I may have have pcos but I will be finding out for sure soon. The best advice I have for you sense it can have alot to do with insulin resistance eat healther. Try to stay away from carbs. Peace and Love to you all and stay positive!!!! :-)